This video shows you how to open and close the Kaba X-10 lock. All X-10 locks are shipped preset to operate in the Single Combination Mode with a Default Factory Combination of 50-25-50. To enter the combination, the X-10 lock uses the familiar left-right-left dialing technique.

  1. To open the lock, power it up by dialing left until numbers appear on the LCD screen

  2. Continue dialing left to the first number, 50 and stop. If you accidentally pass a number while dialing the combination, continue dialing in the same direction until the number appears again, then stop.
  3. Now dial right to the second number, 25 and stop.
  4. Then dial left and stop on the third number, 50.
  5. Dial right and you will see the symbol “OP” (Open) with a right arrow displayed. You will hear the motor activate.
  6. Continue dialing to the right to retract the lock bolt. You will hear the motor activate again approximately 3 seconds later.
  7. Once the lock is open, there are steps to correctly close it, too. Turn dial to the left a minimum one complete revolution to extend the bolt and wait 3 seconds.
  8. Then, turn dial to the right to ensure that it is locked. Then test the lever on the container.

With the container open, practice opening and closing the lock several times with the factory combination. When you feel comfortable operating the X-10, you are ready to set the mode and a new combination.