X-10 High Security Lock & CDX-10
X-10 High Security Lock & CDX-10

CDX-10 High Security Lock - Pedestrian Door Deadbolts
The Kaba Mas CDX-10 consists of an X-10 high security lock, Federal Specification FF-L-2740B , mounted on a deadbolt base plate. The base plate is surface-mounted to the inside face of the door. The deadbolt base plate has two essential features.

First, it provides a means of latching the bolt in the retracted position. This prevents the bolt from being inadvertently extended.

Second, turning the knob on the base plate will retract the bolt to allow egress.

The Kaba Mas CDX-10 was approved by GSA to meet requirements of Federal Specification FF-L-2890B, Type VI.

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  • CDX-10 Installation & Operation

    CDX-10 Installation & Operation

    P/N 541.1212 Rev B

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  • QPL-FF-L-2740-10


    Federal Qualified Products List of Products Qualified Under Federal Specification

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  • FF-L-2890B


    Federal Specification Lock Extensions (Pedestrian Door Lock Assembly Preassembled, Panic & Auxiliary Deadbolt)

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