Close the Door on Cargo Theft
Annual cargo theft loss in the United States alone is estimated to be $10-30 billion. Traditional methods of container security have proven to be only moderate deterrents to both unauthorized and surreptitious entry.

With nearly 80% of theft accomplished by, or in collusion with, persons having access to the cargo, the need exists for solutions offering not only a higher degree of physical security, but also the added ingredient of access control.

The Kaba Mas Solution
The Kaba Mas history is rich in the development of innovative products designed for a wide variety of container applications. From sophisticated locks safeguarding classified information and the cash supply stored in automated teller machines (ATMs), to systems securing narcotics and pharmaceuticals, Kaba Mas products are world-renowned for their ability to greatly reduce incidence of theft.

This tradition continues with Gitcon, security systems for goods-in-transit.

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