Note: The online version of the Price Book is the most current, and may differ from the hard copy edition. Literature requests will be fulfilled with the most recently printed price book.

Revisions made to Kaba Mas Price Book #21 since it was printed in November, 2013, are as follows:

Rev H - 09/01/2017

  • X-10 Price Increase

Rev G - 03/28/2017

  • Unicon product line has been discontinued.
  • Cencon Logon Key part number has been changed from 202024 to 202227 for Cencon Software Software Version and greater. P/N 202024 will be discontinued.

Rev F - 01/01/2016

  • X-09 parts have been discontinued and pages deleted.
  • CDX: P/N 114014 and P/N 114024 have been discontinued and deleted.
  • CDX-10: The term "hard plate" has been replaced with "mounting plate," and part numbers 521025/521020, 521025/521021, 521025/521022 and 521025/521023 have been discontinued and deleted.

Rev E - 09/11/2014

  • Update to Terms & Conditions.

Rev D - 08/25/2014

  • CDX-10 Replacement Locks, part numbers 521025 and 521035, are no longer available.
  • The X-10 Conversion Kit for a 15" door application, P/N 521002, is no longer available.

Rev C - 07/01/2014

  • Added Dead Bolt Interconnect Box P/N 201189 on page 23.
  • Removed CenTran Agent (.Net 3.5 Software) to read as just CenTran Agent Software compatible with Windows 7 32/64 bit and above on page 24.

Rev B - 04/10/2014

  • Changes to Limited Warranty page to include X-10 two-year warranty; changes to X-10 section to include backlit feature.